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Deborah Young - Expressive Arts Instructor
  • Are you ready to listen to your intuition – the voice of your heart and soul? 
  •  Are you ready to dismiss your inner critic…that judging voice which causes frustration and pain?
  • Are you feeling like you are not enough?
  • Are you ready to bravely enter into your portal of creativity and imagination?
  • Are you ready to invest time for an adventure with yourself?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then YOU deserve the opportunity to gift yourself time by participating in one of my Expressive Arts classes, workshops, or retreats listed below. ART experience is not necessary to have a FABULOUS time! 


*Soulful heART Painting *Mixed Media Journaling *Private Classes


*Tree of Life *Intuitive Process Painting *Prayer Flag *Mandala Painting *Abstract *Mixed Media Journaling *Encaustic Events


*Refresh-Renew-Restore, June 2020
*Refresh-Renew-Restore, July 2020


Please send me a message regarding booking a private event!

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I believe... "EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON." That "reason is: To decide what you will do with what you have right now. Not what you thought you'd have, not what you were promised but didn't get, not what you hope to have one day, but what you have right here, right now. The more you can keep attention on that, the greater the creations within your life will be. Make the most of every moment." -Doe Zantamata