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Expressive Arts = CREATIVITY.  And, Intuitive Painting = LOVE, JOY, RELAXATION and HEALING!

Are you ready to listen to and believe in your intuition – the voice of your heart and soul?  Are you ready to dismiss your inner critic… that judging voice which causes frustration and pain?  Are you feeling – like you are not enough?  Are you feeling like you have lost your own identity? Are you ready to bravely enter into a portal of creativity and imagination found in your heart? Are you ready to invest time for an adventure with yourself whether it’s the feel of clay in your hands, colors that affect you while painting, meaning felt in words you write, energy felt in your dance movements as music moves through your soul?  

mandala4If you answered YES to any of these questions, then YOU deserve the opportunity to experience a chance to recharge your heart and soul joining my Expressive Arts Creative Circles giving yourself the gift of time by participating in some of my classes, workshops, or retreats listed below. 

Click for information on MONDAY CLASSES:

I offer heART Journaling and Fluid Acrylic Painting classes (LIMITED SPACE so reserve your spot soon) located at Soulful heART Studio on a magical, beautiful, tranquil 50 acre farm setting in Rolesville, North Carolina. No ART experience necessary to have a fun time!  I believe that creativity is a “revolutionary act which uses human energy to shape things into form”.


Click for information on PRAYER FLAG WORKSHOP:

This Soulful heART Prayer Flag Workshop uses EXPRESSIVE ARTS with nature, meditation, movement, music, storytelling, journal reflections, and the intuitive painting process to create a FABULOUS creative circle.

Click for information for November 18th MANDALA WORKSHOP: 

This Soulful heART Mandala Saturday Workshop offers participants the opportunity to enjoy being in a creative circle while using expressive arts with nature and paint to create two unique mandalas.

Mandalas “appear in all aspects of our life:  the celestial circles we call earth, sun, moon and things found in nature, as well as the conceptual circles of friends, family and community”.

Click for information on July 2018 Soulful heART Lake Retreat:

This Soulful heART Lake Retreat offers plenty of opportunites to experience being in a creative circle while painting, heART journaling, connecting with friends, swimming, floating and enjoying the wonderful relaxing lake atmosphere!

Click for information on April 2018 Soulful heART Retreat:

I am facilitator of this Soulful heART Retreat offering participants the opportunity to get in touch with their imagination/intuition – by listening to the sound of their heart and soul.  Expressive Arts and the Intuitive Painting Process will be used along with nature, meditation, and, music to help individuals enter into their own individual portal of creativity!

That “reason is:  To decide what you will do with what you have right now.

 Not what you thought you’d have, not what you were promised but didn’t get,

not what you hope to have one day, but what you have right here, right now.

The more you can keep attention on that, the greater the creations within your life will be.

Make the most of every moment.”  – Doe Zantamata


              “LIFE GOES ON”