FREE – Online Video Journal CLASSES (due to COVID-19) until further notice                for (adults/kids) information:

I believe a #creative life is a happy life and I’ve discovered that using the expressive arts when creating in a journal or intuitive painting can be very therapeutic especially during stressful times in my life. This is the reason I opened my business Soulful heART Studio in Rolesville, North Carolina.  Click Here for more information about me.

Right now, it seems our entire world has turned upside down because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Business and schools are closed. Families and communities are anxious of the unknown future. Everyone is adjusting to their new reality by trying to stay safe and calm (mentally and physically) however, with no vaccine production completed each day seems to become more stressful and difficult for our world.  Based upon this serious health crisis, I made the decision to cancel ALL studio in-person classes, workshops and retreats until further notice.

I know that whenever things are not going well in my world creating in my art journals has always helped me feel better mentally. So, I’ve decided to share some of my art journal creativity experiences by using online videos posted on my business Facebook page. Click Here to watch my INTRO VIDEO.

Videos with journal prompts will be offered for adults and I’ll offer children videos teaching Elements of Art (see schedule below).  There are no expectations while journaling … nothing has to be perfect, you don’t have to finish a page, your page doesn’t have to look like my example, you can use paint to cover up a page, or collage something over it.  YOU… can use the prompts below, make up your own prompts, or don’t even use a prompt.  The goal is just to EXPRESS YOURSELF using lines/mark making, color, shapes, or writing.  YOU are just letting your emotions out onto journal paper.  EMOTIONS are (energy in motion).

No art experience is necessary to participate in these journal classes.  There’s no right or wrong way to journal and I encourage ALL students to not listen to their inner critic (that judging voice that we’ve all heard).  You are giving yourself permission to ENJOY the creative journaling process: adding words, paint, collage items, stencils, stamps or drawing.  I’m a certified Intuitive Expressive Arts Teacher and also retired NC Public School Visual Arts Teacher (certified K-12).  I’m not experienced at creating videos.  However, I’m willing to try teaching (MIXED MEDIA JOURNALING) by creating online videos and hope you’ll be patient as this will be a learning curve for me. 

I believe living a creative life isn’t just Visual Arts but also includes Fiber Arts, Writing, Cooking, Gardening, Photography, Music and Dancing, etc. If you’d like to share your journal pages or other creative endeavors you’re doing during this time that would be AWESOME.  Just share photos under the particular video you watched on my business page and use hashtags#creativelifehappylife #soulfulheartstudio.

Feel free to share this CREATIVE offer with anyone you think might be interested.

Basic Supplies for Journaling:

⦁ Paper
⦁ Pencils
⦁ Pens
⦁ Markers
⦁ Crayons
⦁ Paint (acrylic, tempera, watercolor)
⦁ Color pencils
⦁ Glue sticks, Elmers glue or Gel Medium
⦁ Magazines
⦁ Stickers
⦁ Construction paper
⦁ Scissors
⦁ Ribbons, fibers, etc.

Prompts for Adult Journaling:

Click on a prompt below for video 

1. Look at those clouds
2. Lighting the way
3. Time is love
4. Kindness matters
5. Butterflies dancing
6. Blue and purple patterns
7. Hope for the heart and soul
8. Magical birds in garden
9. Dancing in the park
10. Love the ones you got
11. Trees dancing in the forest
12. A perfect day with rainbows
13. Singing in the rain
14. Dragonfly daydreams
15. Happy time at beach or lake
16. Perfect dream vacation
17. Favorite flowers in my bouquet
18. I’ve always wanted to…
19. My happiest day…
20. Wild things seen in a forest

Videos for Kids – Elements of Art Lessons:

Click on a lesson below for video 

Line lesson (video 1)
Line activity (video 2)
Shape lesson (video 3)
Shape activity (video 4)
Color lesson (video 5)
Color activity (video 6)
Value lesson (video 7)
Value activity (video 8)
Form lesson (video 9)
Form activity (video 10)
⦁ Texture lesson (video 11)
⦁ Texture activity (video 12)
⦁ Space lesson (video 13)
⦁ Space activity (video 14)

Facebook Video Schedule:

I will try and post videos weekly. The schedule may be subject to change since that seems to be the world we live in at this time. Videos will be labeled as Prompt for Adults and labeled as Lesson or Activity for Kids with (hashtag) #creativelifehappylife #soulfulheartstudio.

Simply CLICK on a theme above (for Adults or Kids) to be redirected to the video. These videos are available through my Facebook page. You do not have to friend me, you can just follow my business page and sign up on website homepage to receive updated newsletters. 

⦁ 1st week of May
⦁ 2nd week of May
⦁ 3rd week of May
⦁ 4th week of May 

REFLECTING on my journal practice, I realized I’ve used different types and sizes of journals writing my thoughts, fears, or concerns for over 30 years.  I’ve wrote things in journals that I never wanted to say out loud to anyone expressing my feelings in a safe container (journal) where I could paint, collage, over the words or even rip out pages and burn in a bonfire. I’ve used journals to make lists of dreams or adventures… putting words on paper seemed to set a chain of events in motion where many dreams came true.

I know that many are worried about the future of our world and I totally understand. However, I have a deep faith and believe that if we all work together being KIND and RESPECTFUL to each other that LOVE and COMPASSION will ultimately win in the end. I practice living in the moment daily and know in my heart and soul… that LIFE will always go on. 

Click on link above to view the INTRO VIDEO about these FREE online journal classes offered to the community.





Feb. 27  (6 spaces) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

Mar. 12  (NO CLASS-covid 19) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

Mar. 26 (NO CLASS-covid 19) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

Apr. 9  (NO CLASS-covid 19) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

May 14  (NO CLASS-covid 19) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

When no space available, CLASS marked SOLD OUT.

PURCHASE DISCOUNT TICKETS   $170 = 4 tickets can be used for other classes

LOCATION:  Soulful heART Studio, 505 East Young Street, Rolesville, NC  27571

SUPPLIES provided.

Soulful heART Painting is an expressive arts INTUITIVE PROCESS painting class where students experience a peaceful and meditative environment where you’ll practice following the energy of your emotions using paper and paint.  This painting practice shows you how to “let go of things that get in the way of your full creative expression like perfectionism, comparison and the need for external approval. It supports you in claiming the courage to explore and experiment, to make things up and take outrageous creative risks”.

Painting experience isn’t necessary for you to have a meaningful, fun and creative time.  When you begin the process of intuitive painting, your heART and soul will help you tap into a portal of creativity finding the path to your own creative source and, give you a way to fearlessly explore unknown aspects of yourself using your favorite colors and a paint brush.

Click here (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about Intuitive Painting

Click here to watch a class video 




Feb. 5  (6 spaces) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

Feb. 19  (6 spaces) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45                 

Mar. 4 (4 spaces) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45                   

Mar. 18 (NO CLASS-covid 19PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

Apr. 1   (NO CLASS-covid 19) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

Apr. 15  (NO CLASS-covid 19) PURCHASE  TICKET  – $45

When no space available, CLASS marked SOLD OUT.

PURCHASE DISCOUNT TICKETS   $170 = 4 tickets can be used for other classes

SUPPLIES:  Bring a MIXED MEDIA JOURNAL (other supplies provided)

LOCATION:  Soulful heART Studio, 507 East Young Street, Rolesville, NC  27571

Click here for (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about Journaling Classes 

Click here to watch a class video 



USECONTACT page to send message regarding the type of art process you’re interested in (i.e., PAINTING, JOURNALING, DRAWING) and to schedule DATE/time for private lessons.

SUPPLIES:  Bring Mixed MEDIA JOURNAL (other supplies provided)

LOCATION:  Soulful heART Studio, 507 East Young Street, Rolesville, NC  27571


PURCHASE DISCOUNT TICKETS   $170 = 4 discount tickets

Click here for (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about Private Lessons


Rolesville NC (Parks/Rec) ARTS Program – 105 A West Young Street location

WINTER/SPRING 2020 Schedule

ADULT: Classes/Programs

Click here to register or call Rolesville Parks & Rec at (919) 554-6582

JANUARY 15th 10am – 12pm

Intuitive Process Painting – Soulful heART Workshop



FEBRUARY 19th 10am – 12pm 

heART Journaling – Soulful heART Workshop


MARCH 25th 10am – 12pm   (CLASS CANCELLED-Covid 19)

Abstract Expressionism Painting – Soulful heART Workshop


APRIL 15th 10am – 12pm  (CLASS CANCELLED-Covid 19)

Intuitive Process Painting – Soulful heART Workshop


MAY 20th 10am – 12pm  (CLASS CANCELLED-Covid 19)

Mandala Painting – Soulful heART Workshop



JUNE 10th 10am – 12pm

Flag Painting – Soulful heART Workshop