FAQ’s-Prayer Flag Workshop

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about PRAYER FLAG Painting Workshop

What materials will I need for the Flag Painting Workshop?   ALL art supplies provided to create your prayer flag and intuitive expressive arts painting.

What is the Workshop Agenda?   We begin with opening circle meeting new friends and learn how I use EXPRESSIVE ARTS with nature, meditation, movement, music, storytelling, and the painting process to facilitate this deeply healing and creative workshop.  I’ll encourage workshop participants to tap into the mindset of living in the moment of NOW.  I will give a tour of the studio so everyone will be able to locate supplies. Demonstrations will be provided using completed flags as examples.  As facilitator, I’ll be available to help anyone who needs me as everyone creates their own unique flag.

What is the origin of a painted flag?   Tibetan Prayer flags were traditionally used “to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom.  The flags do not carry prayers to gods, which is a common misconception; rather, it’s believed that prayers will be blown by wind to spread goodwill and compassion into ALL pervading space.”  Traditional color meanings of Tibetan flags… blue = health and longevity, white = karma purification, red = wish fulfilling prayer, green = compassion, yellow = victory.  This workshop is offered in hope of compassionate “healing for ourselves, our communities, our families, our nation and our world.”

How will I know what to create on my flag?  Everyone will be encouraged during opening circle to think of special words which have meaning to them.  They will have time to think of these words during the guided meditation, during studio tour and, during prayer flag demonstrations.  When its time for you to create your own flag… those special words will be in your mind.  

What do you mean “EXPRESSIVE ARTS”?  Expressive Arts is therapeutic and healing.  Using this type of art means taking time out of your busy life to just be still… giving yourself the GIFT of time… tapping into the moment of NOW… using paint, pencils, markers, etc. creates an amazing meditative flow which I call the “Portal of Creativity”.   You lose ALL sense of time and are shocked when it’s time to clean up.  Using Expressive Arts begins to be addictive where you crave that feeling when you are happy, focused and engaged in what you are doing!  My students tell me they didn’t want to clean-up or stop creating when they were in that creative flow!

Time needed … for drying process of undercoat paintings.  Adding layer with images or stamps = drying time.  Adding special words = drying time.   Adding embellishments (ribbons, buttons, bells, etc.) the possibilities are endless!  All materials are provided for each workshop participant to create their own unique flag and painting.   Sharing circle … it’s not mandatory but, most feel happy to share because it provides an opportunity for everyone to hold sacred compassionate space for each other while viewing completed artwork.

What is the cost?  The workshop is $75 which covers ALL materials. Click Here to purchase workshop ticket.  

Cancellation Policy: No money refunds however, you may use the money to register for a future workshop or retreat.