Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward:

MISSION STATEMENT: I’m committed to share my passion for Intuitive PROCESS Painting and the Expressive Arts offering Soulful heART classes, workshops and retreats connecting individuals in my community and surrounding areas who have experienced PAIN in their life.  Painful things which are happening or have happened in your life such as devastating disease, the death of loved ones, physical or mental abuse, divorce or other stressful difficulties in life.  

As your Expressive Arts Facilitator, I create a SAFE SPACE for you to realize that you are enough just as you are.   I create a SAFE container for you to be seen and heard for your unique, amazing, creative, imaginative self while exploring Intuitive PROCESS Painting where you can use your favorite colors even glitter paint to begin healing your heart/soul with compassion and love! Participants will learn how to follow the energy while process painting feeling those emotions tucked away in their heart and soul. 

I am not a therapist… HOWEVER, I believe the intuitive process painting is therapeutic and can ultimately transform lives.  I believe this because after experiencing the devastating death of two precious children and other close family members, and living in a dysfunctional childhood environment the expressive arts/intuitive process painting has been instrumental in healing my heart and continues to mend my soul!  Part of the mission for my PAY IT FORWARD program is to sponsor FREE intuitive painting classes to groups of individuals in my community.  I absolutely believe the intuitive painting process is HEALING and can transform the life of anyone who has experienced painful things which happened in their life.

My WHY for continuing to practice the Intuitive Painting process in my studio is:


Sun Rises,

Flowers Bloom,

Butterflies Fly,

Birds Sing,

Trees Grow,

Water Soothes,

Family Matters,

Friends Accept,

Pets Love,

Rainbows Promise,

Sun Sets…

Poem by Deborah Young


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Retreat Essential Information:


LOCATION:  Soulful heART Studio, 507 East Young Street, Rolesville, North Carolina  27571

EXPERIENCE: You don’t need any art experience to participate in this retreat!

FREE SCHOLARSHIPS offered (by drawing) for this retreat.

These organizations will benefit greatly from Intuitive Process Painting:

The Compassionate Friends of Franklin County
Survivors of Suicide (Support Group)
Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse