Pay It Forward Weaving Project

Pay it Forward Weaving Project:


I’m committed to sharing my passion for Expressive Arts and the Intuitive Painting Process. This Soulful heART  Weaving Project will connect individuals in my community and surrounding areas who have experienced PAIN or difficulties in life.  I believe life difficulties such as devastating diseases, the death of loved ones, physical or mental abuse, divorce, loneliness, loss of jobs can be helped by getting in touch with heart/soul using Expressive Arts and Intuitive Painting Process. 

What is the WEAVER PROJECT? 

David Brooks the founder of the Weaver Project states that it is “repairing our country’s social fabric, which is badly frayed by distrust, division and exclusion.  People are quietly working across America to end loneliness and isolation and weave inclusive communities.

  • A weaver views their community as home and tries to make it loving and welcoming.
  • A weaver treats neighbors as family regardless of outward differences.
  • A weaver finds meaning and joy in connecting and caring for others.”

How will I personally be a WEAVER in my community? 

I’ll use Soulful heART Studio in Rolesville, NC to provide a SAFE SPACE for participants to realize that they are enough just as they are.  I created this safe space years ago for participants to be seen and heard for their unique, amazing, creative, imaginative selves.  I teach how to use expressive arts and intuitive painting giving permission for participants to begin a compassionate healing process for themselves.  Participants will learn how to tap into their inner portal of creativity and learn how to follow their energy during this incredibly personal painting experience.  They will use paint to express powerful emotions which may have been tucked away in hearts for a long time.  I will facilitate painters in learning how to turn off their inner critic during this creative healing experience.  ART experience isn’t necessary. 

I am not a therapist

HOWEVER, I believe that intuitive process painting is therapeutic and can ultimately transform lives.  I believe this because after experiencing the devastating death of two precious children and other close family members, and living in a dysfunctional childhood environment the expressive arts/intuitive process painting has been instrumental in healing my heart and continues to mend my soul.  My mission in the PAY IT FORWARD WEAVING project is to sponsor FREE intuitive painting opportunities to groups or individuals in my community.

My WHY for continuing to practice the Intuitive Painting process is:

LIFE GOES ON… Deborah Young

Sun Rises,

Flowers Bloom,

Butterflies Fly,

Birds Sing,

Trees Grow,

Water Soothes,

Family Matters,

Friends Accept,

Pets Love,

Rainbows Promise,

Sun Sets.  

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Retreat Essential Information:


LOCATION:  Soulful heART Studio, 505 East Young Street, Rolesville, North Carolina  27571

EXPERIENCE: ART experience not necessary to participate in this retreat

FREE SCHOLARSHIPS offered for this retreat.


Intuitive Process Painting will benefit these organizations:

Survivors of Suicide (Support Group)
Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse