“Deborah is a gifted Expressive Arts leader.  She constructs her workshops and retreats with an immaculate attention to detail and, the care she takes in preparing for her students is palpable.  She has wonderful ideas that ignite my creative spirit!  As a facilitator, Deborah brings a joyful and loving presence to participants.  I have basked in her compassionate spirit when she is teaching and, I’m always surprised by its sweetness. Do not hesitate to sign up for one of Deborah’s classes, workshops, or retreats… I highly recommend it!” ~ Beth Andrews



“Oh my goodness what a joyful ride it was to participate in Deborah’s Expressive Art Workshops!  It was such a pleasure and a treat to enter into the magical experience she provides for her students often using nature while teaching.  She leaves no detail uncovered in preparing for workshops and was always available to assist anyone with questions.  I had so much FUN creating and her skills at guided meditation is phenomenal.  Thank you Deborah, I could attend your workshops again and again!”   ~ Antoinette McClanahan Johnson



“I just loved participating in Deborah’s Expressive Arts Creative Workshops.  She holds SPACE so tenderly, and is generous and open with her instructions and supplies.  When I create in her workshops, a fresh JOY comes alive in me!  I love the beautiful prayer flag I created and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with this loving, creative magician!” ~ Allison Crow



“Deborah had me when I arrived at her Expressive Arts Workshop with her sweet, southern accent… and, there is a deep, richness and exuberant joy inside of her.  She ALWAYS takes me on a journey to a magical place in nature, and the experience has a lyrical flow.  Thank you so much Deborah!” ~ Lisa Fite DeYoung



“Deborah has a sweet, angelic presence and provides a SAFE and spacious container for her participants to experience her magic.  I always know that when participating in one of Deborah’s Expressive Arts Workshops, I’m in for a unique, exciting, creative experience that will resonate with my very soul!” ~ Cathy Osborne



“What a pleasure to be in the beautiful flowing presence of Deborah.  With a lightness of touch she imparts her wisdom.  Her warm and generous spirit is so powerful and strong.  What fun to indulge oneself in any creative experience she facilitates for her students.  Her abundance of supplies in her Expressive Arts Workshops and her masterful guidance is provided with love and permission for everyone to enter their own creative imagination.” ~ Pat Taylor


“Deborah embodies LOVE and she brings me immense joy through her presence as well as her teaching style.  Her Expressive Arts Workshops are well planned and have an abundance of incredible supplies.  She delivers pitch perfect meditations.  Deborah facilitates the intuitive process painting experience with a light touch whilst celebrating and affirming your work.” ~ Lynn Hanford-Day


“Deborah’s presence radiates joy and creative freedom.  She provides a SAFE SPACE that welcomes students to be playful, joyful and creative!  Her Expressive Arts Workshops reflected her own process of transformation and cultivated and nurtured the space for me to celebrate and continue my own metamorphosis.” ~ Donna Fromm


“Had such an amazing time at Deborah’s Soulful heART Painting Retreat!  Such a wonderful, relaxing place for a retreat in this beautiful, peaceful environment.   I enjoyed meeting new friends and having the opportunity to experience process painting using my intuition.   I was able to get in touch with my inner creative artist which was eager to stretch out…  reaching towards the surface of my soul… letting my heart express my feelings so I could transfer them using paint.  WOW!  I loved this healing intuitive process painting experience… and, Deborah was a great facilitator!” ~ Theresa Worth



“Deborah’s Soulful heART Painting Retreat was just what I needed! It did not involve learning techniques. She guided us to experience how process painting can be expressive of our feelings. It was relaxing and healing to follow our energy when painting.  Circle time helped us connect with our group.  The food was delicious, and the golf cart rides around the gorgeous farm and lake energized us. Deborah is encouraging and compassionate. Her retreat is a wonderful way to get immersed in expressive arts and intuitive process painting!” ~ Marie Lawrence



“This was me stepping out of my comfort zone to do something I’ve never done before and, Deborah made the experience and RELAXING.  The Young Farm where her studio is located is a place where your spirit can thrive. I recommend Deborah’s Soulful heART Intuitive Painting Retreat to anyone interested in expressive arts. No experience necessary for a wonderful and FUN time!”

~ Lorraine Stephenson


I always enjoy attending Deborah Young’s Soulful heART Studio fluid acrylic painting classes and her intuitive process painting classes.  She gives everyone permission to not listen to their inner critic and this was the most FUN art activity I’ve ever experienced.  She is the perfect facilitator who explains everything, is so kind and everyone laughs while having a wonderful time painting. I encourage signing up for one of her classes because you will have a great time.  After my beautiful painting dried, I hung it on my wall at home and it made my room feel full of life.  ~ Chelsey Frazier


 “I had a wonderful experience with Deborah Young at an Expressive Arts Intuitive Process Painting Party. The day was quiet, reflective, creative, and soul nurturing for my feminine soul. I felt as though I truly escaped and retreated to my quiet center where I feel nurtured and loved. The beautiful peaceful environment was welcoming and supportive for artistic endeavors!” ~ Jennifer Murray