Soulful heART Studio & Gallery  – Rolesville, North Carolina

Interview by Kaitlyn Bratton with Deborah Young about her vision for opening Soulful heART Studio & Gallery in Rolesville, North Carolina.



Soulful heART Studio GARDEN TOUR:

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Soulful heART Studio CLASSES: (click class name for video)

Fluid Acrylic  – Abstract Expressionism  –  Soulful heART Painting  –  heART Journaling  – 

Mixed Media Journaling

Soulful heART Studio WORKSHOPS: (click workshop name for video)

Mandala Painting  –  Tree Painting  – Prayer Flag Painting  –  Soulful heART Painting  –  Mixed Media

Soulful heART Studio EVENTS:

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Soulful heART Studio GUEST ARTISTS: (click Artist name for videos)

Marcia Streithorst



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Soulful heART Studio FIELD TRIPS:

Click here for video The Biltmore Estate & Chihuly’s Magical Sculptures

Soulful heART Studio-Garden


Fluid Acrylic Class



Abstract Expressionism Class


Soulful heART Painting Class




heART Journaling Class 


Mixed Media Journaling Class

w/Marcia Streithorst & Deborah Young


Mandala Painting Workshop


Tree Painting Workshop



Prayer Flag Painting Workshop


Soulful heART Painting Workshop


Mixed Media Encaustic Workshop



Painting Event/Birthday Party


Marcia Streithorst

Encaustic Workshop


Soulful heART Lake Retreat



Soulful heART Studio Field Trip

The Biltmore Estate & Chihuly Glass Sculptures – Asheville, NC 




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