FAQ – The Beat of your heART Workshop

The Beat of your heART Workshop

Emily Barnhill is a certified practitioner of sound healing, with a bachelor's degree in music therapy. She has almost a decade of experience working as a private instructor of voice, piano, guitar and ukulele. Emily is the owner of Elody Sound Healing LLC and she strives to make sound healing accessible, restorative and educational for all those in her community.

Nick Moshinski, while helping his fellow percussionists in college, Nick discovered the joy of teaching, shaping his dream to become an educator. In 2020, he earned a BA in Music, focusing on percussion and education. Nick's drumming journey extended to leading drum circles at schools and retirement facilities with his percussion instructor. His inclusive approach creates rhythmic and community experiences, showcasing his dedication to the transformative power of percussion.


A drum circle is an event held with the purpose of unifying a group of people through the use of percussion instruments. People traditionally sit in a circle, and are led through different rhythmic patterns, to play either in unison or with freedom and expression.

Drumming not only helps with self expression, confidence, and motor skills, but can also be a way to let go. Letting go of stress, anger or frustration in a safe, fun and supportive way can be so healing to the soul.

Absolutely not. Our drum circle will be led by a percussion instructor who has years of experience leading groups, and helping students find their way through drumming from beginner to advanced skill levels. A drum circle’s purpose is not to “sound perfect” or “be on beat”, it is to express yourself, have freedom within structure, to have fun, let go and to try something new. The environment at this event will be a non-judgmental zone.

A sound bath is led by a professional sound healing practitioner, who uses instruments and frequencies that help entrain the brain into a relaxed and calming state. Our sound healing practitioner, Emily Barnhill, will use quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and chimes to help your body naturally turn on its parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), through vibrational stimulation and sound. When your PNS is turned on, your heart rate will decrease, blood pressure decreases, body temperature decreases, and your body is able to release chemicals that aid in feeling happiness, comfort, and safety, which help to promote cell turnover and balance to your body.

The Beat Of Your heArt will be a 3-part wellness event, featuring multiple ways for you to find yourself, let go, and relax. Our world can get stressful and we often find ourselves unable to experience moments of stillness, or times to truly be creative and nurture our inner self. This experience will invite you to get comfortable with who you are, make connections with like-minded individuals, feel supported, uplifted and rebalanced. We want to provide an environment that will help you discover new things about yourself, and provide the space to explore new forms of wellness that could help motivate you to self-healing and expression.