FAQ’s-heART Journaling

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about Mixed Media Journal Class 

What are Mixed Media JOURNALING classes?  – They are classes where artistic training isn’t necessary to have a fun, relaxing creative time.  Journaling has no rules… it’s giving yourself the gift of time, accepting that you are ENOUGH just the way you are and finding your way back to your “Portal of Creativity”!   It’s a way to express heart and soul emotions with personal stories of your life using colorful paint, mark making tools, and ALL the other cool, amazing art supplies I’ve collected for years.

What do you mean Portal of Creativitity?  I believe the process of journaling is fun, meditative, therapeutic and healing.  Giving yourself the GIFT of time and, tapping into the moment of NOW using paint, pencils, markers, etc. while journaling creates an amazing meditative creative flow which I call the “Portal of Creativity”.   You lose ALL sense of time when in that flow of creativity because you’re focused and engaged in what you are doing.


  • Offer journaling writing prompts
  • Discuss the (no rules policy) while creating
  • Discuss how to let go of the inner critic judgmental voice
  • Discuss creative writing ideas on journal pages (layering words)

My TEACHING TECHNIQUES for journaling? 

  • How to prepare journal pages by adding paint
  • How to create prints using gel plates
  • How to add layered backgrounds using collage
  • How to add intuitive collage elements
  • How to use rubber stamps and stencils
  • How to use spray inks
  • How to use paint layers

Will I need supplies for class?  

Bring mixed media sketchbook

SUPPLIES provided at class:

  • Paint, inks & brushes
  • Pens & markers
  • Pencils (colored, graphite, etc.)
  • Stencils & rubber stamps, etc.
  • Vintage printmaking letters/words
  • Printmaking rubber molds for stamping
  • Collage materials (paper, tape, etc.)
  • Paint, inks & brushes
  • Collage materials (fabric, ribbon, etc.)
  • Nature items found outside to use for prints

What is the cost?  Each individual class ticket for Mixed Media JOURNALING is $50 and DISCOUNT CARDS ($175 for four classes).  All supplies are included in the cost of tickets except for (mixed medium sketchbook).

Are children allowed?  Children are not allowed to come to weekly heART journaling classes since, journaling gives permission to let go…  tapping into your “portal of creativitity” listening to the intuition of your heart and soul, expressing yourselves sharing personal information about YOUR life.  If children were present, individuals would feel pressured to censor what they created and shared in our sacred creative circle.  HOWEVER, children are permitted to come to Private lessons and PAINTING Parties that have been scheduled.

Cancellation Policy: No money refunds however, you may add another class date onto your discount card.  Send message on contact page to make sure there is space available if you need to reschedule a class.

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