FAQ’s-Soulful heART Painting Class

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about – Soulful heART PAINTING CLASS

 What does intuitive Process Painting mean?…  It means getting in touch with your creative playfulness, letting go of that self-judging inner critic ego voice which focuses on end product!  You will create paintings and experience JOY!  You will choose colors that speak to your soul and experience HAPPINESS!  You will trust the brush wherever it goes by LISTENING to whispers from your soul!  Lines, shapes and colors means FUN for your imagination!

You can’t mess up this type of painting because there are NO MISTAKES in this type of painting!  Not being attached to the outcome of your painting means FREEDOM!

Dipping a brush into paint and moving it around paper or canvas means MORE FREEDOM!  Following the energy of your emotions leads to heart HEALING!

Creating EXPRESSIVE process paintings intuitively … will be life changing and TRANSFORMATIVE!

This type of painting is giving yourself the gift of time, accepting that you are ENOUGH just the way you are… finding your way back to your own “Portal of Creativity”! 

What do you mean Portal of Creativitity? I  believe ART and painting is healing.  Taking time out of a busy life to just be still…  giving yourself the GIFT of time… tapping into the moment of NOW… by using paint creates an amazing meditative flow which I call the “Portal of Creativity”.   You lose ALL sense of time and you’re shocked when it’s time to clean up.  Beginning  an ART practice such as Soulful heART Painting begins to be addictive and, you crave that feeling where you are happy, focused and engaged in what you are doing!  Students tell me that they can’t believe it’s time to stop painting when in that creative flow. 

Will I need supplies for class? ALL supplies are provided

What is the cost?  Each individual class ticket for Soulful heART Painting is $50 and DISCOUNT CARDS ($175 for four classes).  You can also use your discount ticket to bring a friend sharing the AMAZING world of Soulful heART Studio. 

Are children allowed?  Children are allowed to come to Private PAINTING Parties that have been scheduled.

Cancellation Policy: No money refunds however, you may add another class date onto your discount card.  Send message on contact page to make sure there is space available if you need to reschedule a class.

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