FAQ’s-Intuitive Process Painting Workshop

(FAQ’s) Frequently Asked Questions about PROCESS PAINTING event

What is Process Painting?

Process Painting means…  getting in touch with your creative playfulness, letting go of that self-judging inner critic ego voice which focuses on the end product!  You will enter your (Portal of Creativity) to create paintings and experience JOY!  You will choose colors that speak to your soul and experience HAPPINESS!

You will trust the brush wherever it goes by LISTENING to whispers from your soul!  Lines, shapes and colors means FUN for your imagination!

You can’t mess up this type of painting because there are NO MISTAKES in this type of painting or creating!  Not being attached to the outcome of your painting means FREEDOM!

Dipping a brush into paint and moving it around paper or canvas means MORE FREEDOM!  Following the energy of your emotions leads to heart HEALING!

Creating EXPRESSIVE and meaningless process paintings intuitively … will be life changing and TRANSFORMATIVE!

What materials do I need?   ALL supplies are provided.

What is the event agenda?  Morning circle/meet & greet, short meditation, movement activity, morning painting session, lunch break,  afternoon painting session, closing circle/sharing time.

As your Expressive Arts Facilitator, I create a safe space for you to be seen and heard for your unique, amazing, creative, imaginative self as you explore, play and heal yourself with compassion and love!  Participants learn how to use expressive arts and process painting to follow their energy while processing emotions.

What do you mean “EXPRESSIVE ARTS”?  Expressive Arts is therapeutic and healing.  Using this type of art means taking time out of your busy life to just be still… giving yourself the GIFT of time… tapping into the moment of NOW… using paint, pencils, markers, etc. creates an amazing meditative flow which I call the “Portal of Creativity”.  You lose ALL sense of time and are shocked when it’s time to clean up.  Using Expressive Arts begins to be addictive where you crave that joyous feeling of peacefulness, happiness, being focused and engaged in what you are doing!  Students tell me that they can’t believe its time to clean-up or stop creating when they are in their creative flow!

Food:  Vegetarian, dairy free, and gluten free meal options are generally available at our events upon request with at least 30 day advanced notice. Other dietary concerns or issues may be accommodated for an extra fee and at least 30 day advanced notice. We cannot guarantee that every food issue can be accommodated so please contact us regarding your specific concerns.

What is the cost?  The workshop is $50 which covers ALL materials plus snacks.

Cancellation Policy:  No money refunds however, you may use the money to register for a future event.

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