FAQ’s-Private Lessons

Private Lessons:

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about – PRIVATE LESSONS 

What are PRIVATE LESSONS?  – They are classes where NO art experience or artistic training is necessary to have a fun creative time.   I believe living a creative life… is giving yourself the gift of time, accepting that you are ENOUGH just the way you are and finding your way back to your “Portal of Creativity”.   I teach expressive art classes helping

students find ways to express heart and soul emotions with personal stories of their life using colorful paint, mark making tools, and ALL the other cool, amazing art supplies I’ve collected over the years.

What do you mean Portal of Creativity? I  believe living a creative life is therapeutic and healing.  Taking time out of your busy life and learning to live in the moment of NOW… by using paint, pencils, markers, etc. creates an amazing meditative flow which I call the “Portal of Creativity”.   You lose ALL sense of time when you’re in that creative flow where you begin to crave that feeling when you are happy, focused and engaged in what you are doing.

Is choosing an art teacher important?  YES, I believe it’s crucial to choose an art teacher who inspires YOUR creativity.

My main focus as a retired visual arts certified K-12 teacher and expressive artist is helping students learn how to live a CREATIVE life.  What does that mean?   I believe the practice of living a creative life whether its decorating our home, cooking a delicious meal, gardening, knitting or quilt making, hiking in a gorgeous forest, listening to amazing music, walking by ocean collecting seashells, writing in journals, drawing, painting, creating sculptures and looking at the world with a childlike wonder without being caught up in our inner critic or judging mind will ultimately lead to a HAPPY life.

As an expressive artist and visual arts teacher I’m inspired by NATURE and often use items from nature when teaching basic art skills such as Elements of ART (line, shape, texture, form, space, color and value) and Principles of Design (balance, pattern, rhythm, variety, unity, proportion and emphasis) – to help students learn how to use these skills expressively and intentionally when creating their own unique visual artwork.

TEACHING methods include: 

  • Elements of Art
  • Principles of Design
  • Strategies … how to let go of inner critic judgmental voice
  • How to prep canvas adding (gesso)
  • How to add layered backgrounds
  • How to use collage elements
  • How to use rubber stamps and stencils
  • How to use ink sprays

Will I need supplies for class?  

Bring mixed media sketchbook

SUPPLIES provided:

  • Paint, inks & brushes
  • Pens & markers
  • Pencils (colored, graphite, etc.)
  • Stencils & rubber stamps, etc.
  • Vintage printmaking letters/words
  • Printmaking rubber molds for stamping
  • Collage materials (paper, tape, etc.)
  • Paint, inks & brushes
  • Collage materials (fabric, ribbon, etc.)
  • Nature items found in my garden

What is the cost?  Each individual class ticket is $50  DISCOUNT TICKETS are $175 for four classes.   All supplies are included in the cost of tickets except for (mixed media sketchbook).

Cancellation Policy: No money refunds however, you may add another class date onto your discount card.