FAQ’s-Spring Retreat

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about Painting Soulful heART Retreat?

What is a Soulful heART PAINTING RETREAT? 

Going on an intuitive painting creativity retreat is a fabulous way to reconnect with your inner spirit.  It’s giving yourself the gift of time by getting away from distractions and daily life responsibilities.  Being on retreat means to relax giving yourself the gift of time, lovingly accepting that you are ENOUGH and, finding your way back to creativity and imagination which lives in your soul! 

“You don’t have to worry about knowing how to paint!  The philosophy behind the intuitive painting approach is that there is no right way to be creative.”  Intuitive painting gives you permission to remember those JOYOUS feelings you experienced in school when given crayons, markers, or paint and a huge sheet of white paper with no instructions except … have fun!  

A long weekend of being part of a creative circle “dedicated to opening artistically, spiritually and emotionally while immersed in a beautiful, tranquil environment provides incredible support for taking risks on all levels that can lead to profound inner growth and creative breakthroughs.”

What is Intuitive Process Painting?

You don’t need ANY experience to paint in this way!

You will have opportunities to interact with NATURE which provides peace and tranquility to your heart!

You will create paintings by not listening to your inner critic or judging mind and experience JOY!

You will choose paint colors that speak to your soul and experience HAPPINESS!

You will trust the brush wherever it goes by LISTENING to whispers from your soul!

Lines, shapes and colors = FUN for your imagination!

You can’t mess up this type of painting because there are NO MISTAKES in this type of painting!

Not being attached to the outcome of your painting = FREEDOM!

Dipping a brush into paint and moving it around paper or canvas = MORE FREEDOM!

Following the energy of your emotions leads to heart HEALING!

Creating EXPRESSIVE and meaningless paintings intuitively … will be life changing and TRANSFORMATIVE!

Plus intuitive painting is creating a critic free zone by not listening to that annoying EGO voice which often wants to focus on the end painting product! 

What do you mean Portal of Creativity? I  believe that intuitive process painting is therapeutic and healing.  Taking time out of your busy life to just be still…  giving yourself the GIFT of time… tapping into the moment of NOW… using paint, pencils, markers, etc. creates an amazing meditative flow which I call the “Portal of Creativity”.   Creativity begins to be addictive and you crave that feeling where you are happy, focused and engaged in what you are doing!  You lose ALL sense of time and are shocked when it’s time to stop creating!

When should I plan to arrive and depart?

Arrival: TBD

Departure: TBD

Location:  The Young Farm, 507 East Young Street, Rolesville, North Carolina  27571

You’ll have the opportunity to tour the studio, set up your work space, and familiarize yourself with the beautiful surroundings before enjoying a… Welcome Tea Party.

Participants arriving from out of town, fly into RDU… Raleigh-Durham International Airport 27 miles from retreat.  Whether driving or flying, I recommend adding a day or two at beginning or end of your trip to explore Raleigh (capital of North Carolina) located 15 miles from retreat and, you don’t want to miss visiting our AMAZING North Carolina Museum of Art located 19 miles from retreat. You’ll be glad you extended your visit to enjoy all that is available during North Carolina’s springtime!

Where will participants be staying? The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Raleigh North – Wake Forest located 8.6 miles from retreat.  Breakfast provided.  Exercise facilities and beautiful pool.  Situated close to shopping and restaurants.  If you’d like to travel solo, wonderful!   However, if you’re in search of a roommate/travel companion or want to share a rental car…  upon receipt of your registration, you’ll be added to a (Private Soulful heART Retreat Facebook Page) where you can introduce yourself and post requests for sharing rental cars or lodging.

click link below for LODGING RESERVATIONS:

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Raleigh North – Wake Forest. 11400 Common Oaks Dr, Raleigh, NC 27614-7002.

Who will be facilitating the retreat? Deborah Young will be facilitating this retreat… to learn more about her visit the (About Page).  Deborah will have a supportive team of fabulous women working with her to make sure this retreat is the most wonderful self-love adventure that you deserve!

Will there be time at Soulful heART Retreat for Rest and Relaxation?  YES… Absolutely!  Each day begins with sharing circle, followed by daily painting sessions, 2 hour lunch breaks provides opportunities to explore the farm by walking/hiking, enjoying golf cart rides, enjoying paddle boat rides or maybe you’d like a wee nap (rest areas will be available).   Afternoon activities include circle time followed by another painting session, then we break for dinner.   Hayrides, watching gorgeous sunsets, listening to beautiful sounds of nature, sing-a-longs, and weather permitting sitting around bonfires for closing circles.

How many guests will be in attendance?  Space is limited at this Soulful heART Retreat to 8 participants, so reserve your spot soon.  With limited availability, reservations will be accepted as they are received.  If you’d like to be added to a waiting list for possible cancellations or to receive notice when a new retreat is announced, please fill out email information on my CONTACT page               

What’s included in the price of this Soulful heART Retreat? All supplies, snacks, beverages, lunches and some dinners are included in the cost of your registration.  Plus, lots of extra special treats will be provided to make your retreat as magical as it can be!

What type of clothing should I bring? We’re hoping for beautiful weather in April; however, you may want to pack a warm shawl or jacket for sitting around bonfires at night.  Casual comfortable clothing for working during painting sessions and exploring, walking/hiking around the garden/farm.  Sometimes it rains during our sweet North Carolina springtime, so you may want to bring an umbrella or rain jacket.

What can I expect in the studio, and will I need to bring supplies? You’re going to love our painting studio.   After touring ALL work spaces available, you may decide to work outside on the veranda overlooking the garden, or set up your work area in garden overlooking the lovely pond.  Wherever you choose to work, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out and enter your own portal of creativity and imagination. Before painting sessions, Deborah will explain the expressive arts intuitive painting process. She’ll facilitate participates providing permission for them to follow their own creative energy understanding how this painting process provides love, joy and healing to hearts as they focus on the painting process instead of final products.

There will be plenty of materials to use during your daily painting sessions.  However, if you have favorite painting tools or paints, please feel free to bring them along.  The painting studio will be open and available for you to paint as late as you’d like every night.

I have a question that’s not addressed here. How shall I contact you? Please contact Deborah on her CONTACT page…  If you’d prefer to speak by phone, include your telephone number and the best time to contact you. 

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