FAQ’s – Tree Painting Workshop

(FAQ’s) Frequently Asked Questions about TREE of LIFE Painting Workshop

Why create a TREE of LIFE PAINTING?   I believe trees are symbolic of the “nourishing powers of Mother Earth, a connection to our ancestors and the spirit world and a representation of the journey of spiritual growth.”  A TREE has branches that reach into the sky and roots that dig into the earth.  I believe that TREES are symbols of LOVE.  Painting a Tree of Life may have the potential to change how we see ourselves, our planet, and perhaps even our own life purpose.

Creativity helps us accept that we are ENOUGH just the way we are and, helps us find our way back to playful imagination.  Creativity gives us the opportunity to relax by letting go of that self-judging inner critic voice.  By participating in this workshop you’ll honor your connection to Mother Earth by spending time and painting with things found in nature.

What materials do I need?   ALL art supplies will be provided.

What is the workshop agenda?   We begin with opening circle meeting friends and learn how I facilitate workshops using EXPRESSIVE ARTS with nature.  I’ll provide a tour of the studio to locate supplies.  I’ll encourage participants to tap into the mindset of  BE HERE NOW… (living in the moment).

How will I know how to paint my TREE OF LIFE?  Participants can choose to use a (tree shape to trace) or they can draw their own tree and use different types of leaves found in nature to use in this project.  I will demonstrate the printmaking process of painting leaves and how to transfer those images onto canvas.  

What do you mean “EXPRESSIVE ARTS”?  Expressive Arts is therapeutic and healing.  Using this type of art means taking time out of your busy life to just be still… giving yourself the GIFT of time… tapping into the moment of NOW… using paint and things found in nature creates an amazing meditative flow which I call the “Portal of Creativity”.   You lose ALL sense of time and are shocked when it’s time to clean up.  Using Expressive Arts begins to be addictive where you crave that joyous feeling of peacefulness, happiness, being focused and engaged in what you are doing!  Participants often tell me they can’t believe its time to clean-up when they are in their CREATIVE FLOW.  During closing circle everyone will display their completed TREE OF LIFE paintings while holding sacred compassionate space for each other.

What is the cost?  The workshop is $50 which covers ALL materials.

CLICK here TO PURCHASE WORKSHOP TICKET  $50 to reserve your space

Cancellation Policy: No money refunds however, you may use the money to register for a future workshop.