Free Video Classes

Free Video Classes

I believe expressing yourself creatively means experiencing happiness in life.  And, I’ve discovered that using expressive arts when creating in journals or intuitive painting can be therapeutic especially during stressful times in life. This is the main reason I opened Soulful heART Studio in Rolesville, North Carolina.  Click Here for information about me.

I know whenever things are not going well in my world, creating in journals has helped me stay balanced. So, I decided to create some videos to share my art journal creativity process. Click Here to watch INTRO VIDEO.

The goal in journaling is to EXPRESS YOURSELF using lines by mark making, choosing colors and shapes, or writing your thoughts.  Taking time to journal your emotions is powerful and healing.

EMOTIONS = (energy in motion)

The videos below use prompts and include Elements of Art classes. You can use the prompts below, make up your own prompts, or don’t use a prompt.   There are no expectations while journaling nothing must be perfect, you don’t have to finish a page, your journal page doesn’t have to look like mine.  You can use paint to cover up a page, or collage (glue something) over it.  

Art experience is not necessary to express yourself in journaling.  I encourage everyone to not listen to their inner critic (that judging voice that we’ve all heard).  But give yourself permission to ENJOY the incredible creative process expressing yourself using words, paint, collage items, stencils, stamps, or drawing.  I’m a certified Intuitive Expressive Arts Teacher and retired NC Public School Visual Arts Teacher (certified K-12).  Since I’m not experienced at creating videos, I hope you’ll be patient as this will be a learning curve. 

I believe living a creative life isn’t just Visual Arts but also includes Fiber Arts, Writing, Cooking, Gardening, Photography, Music, and Dancing, etc. If you’d like to share your journal pages or other creative endeavors you’re working on, please SHARE on my Facebook business page (click on Facebook icon above). You may also email me if you prefer.


  • Paper or mixed media journal
  • Pencils                     
  • Magazines
  • Pens                         
  • Stickers
  • Markers                   
  • Construction paper
  • Crayons                    
  • Scissors
  • Color pencils           
  • Ribbons, fibers, etc.
  • Paint (acrylic, tempera, watercolor)
  • Glue sticks, Elmers glue or Gel Medium